Build on Your Lot

Choose Your Lot or Buy One of Ours

Choose Your Lot or Buy One With Us

Karrus Homes will build on a lot you already own or we will help you find and purchase a lot on which to build your dream home.

For Those Who Already Own a Lot

Your lot has been purchased and you’re ready to get started! Connect with us to schedule our initial meeting. At this time, we will discuss design and pricing as well as the land preparation procedure. Preliminary design considerations include the orientation of your home on the lot, driveway location and utility connections. Land prep includes tree clearing, soil work and other steps required to get your homesite ready for your new house. We understand that every lot is different, but our professionals know how to estimate the costs for homes built on any site.

For Those Who Don’t Yet Have a Lot

Karrus Homes will help you search for the land you want for your new homesite. You may already know the town or school district in which you want your new home. If not, let us know your preferences for type of area (suburban or rural), distance from the nearest road, sloping or flat terrain, wooded or cleared land, and whether you wish to connect to city water or sewer services. You can be confident that together we will find your desired lot in our inventory or continue to search until the perfect piece of land becomes available.